Getting access to handy learning resources and references like Chegg can give students a valuable edge in understanding concepts and completing assignments. However, paid subscriptions to sites like Chegg can be expensive. 

That’s why many students search for free methods and chegg unlocker tools to unlock Chegg answers without paying. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best chegg unlocker techniques and services for getting Chegg solutions without a subscription, saving you money as a student.

What is Chegg and Why Do Students Want to Unlock it?

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For those new to the site, Chegg is an education platform that gives students access to online textbooks, study guides, homework help and tutors. It provides step-by-step textbook solutions for thousands of titles spanning different subjects and academic levels. 

This can be hugely helpful for learning concepts when you get stuck on homework questions or exam prep.

However, these useful Chegg study materials don’t come free. Getting a Chegg subscription can cost anything from $15 to $50 monthly based on your chosen plan. With subscriptions being recurring and auto-renewing in nature, the charges can really add up. 

This often compels budget-conscious students to look for reliable methods to unlock Chegg content without paying.

Fortunately, there are a few legitimate methods to view Chegg answers for free or at significant discount compared to its regular subscription fees. Let’s look at some handy Chegg unlocking tools and methods now.

How To unlock Chegg Answers For Free 2023

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Using SUSCHEGG Chegg Unlocker Chrome Extension

One of the most popular tools students are using nowadays to unlock Chegg for free is the SUSCHEGG Chegg Unlocker Chrome extension. As the name suggests, this clever browser extension can instantly unlock blurred Chegg answers as long as you have the question link or textbook solution page open in your browser.

The way SUSCHEGG unlocker works is simple – once installed, it can communicate with Chegg servers using advanced algorithms to bypass blurring and fetch full solutions for you to view. So you save money by not needing a paid Chegg account to see complete answers.

The best part about SUSCHEGG Chegg Unlocker is that it unlocks all types of Chegg content including textbook solutions, expert Q&A answers and tutor help solutions.

The extension has a one-time fee of $8 to unlock lifetime access. For less than a quarter the price of a 1-month Chegg subscription, you can use it indefinitely to view all the Chegg answers you need for your studies. This makes SUSCHEGG an extremely cost-effective Chegg unlocking tool for students.

Setting up and using the SUSCHEGG extension is very quick and easy too. Just install it via the Chrome Web Store, pay the small one-time fee to activate unlocking capability, and you’re good to go! When you visit any Chegg answer page, the extension will automatically fetch & display the full solved solution on screen instantly.

The convenience, affordability and scanning speed of SUSCHEGG Chegg unlocker makes it a favorite among students looking to access Chegg answers for free.

Getting Free Chegg Answers via Trial

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Before committing to buy a full Chegg subscription, it’s worth checking if you can access its study resources free via trial. Chegg offers new users a 4-week long free trial to explore its textbook solutions.

The trial gives you a nice taste of Chegg’s capabilities like:

  • Viewing expert Q&A solutions to difficult study questions
  • Accessing key textbook answers from Chegg’s massive online library
  • Booking free 30-minute tutoring sessions with subject matter experts

Make sure to cancel the auto-renewing subscription before your trial ends to avoid getting billed. Within the trial period itself, you can unlock a decent amount of Chegg answers for homework, assignments, tests and exam prep free of cost.

While the trial content is not as expansive as the paid version, it serves nicely if you have limited, short-term study needs.

Searching Online For Answers

Before looking to unlock paid Chegg content, it makes sense to check if your exact questions already have free answers online. More often than we realize, lots of textbook homework and study questions are answered on open online forums and content websites.

Using smart web search tactics can help surface these freely available solutions. For instance:

  • Use Google search operators intelligently while searching – Put your question in quotes to see matching results or combine terms with “+”/”OR”. Add filetype filters like “PDF” or use minus “-” to eliminate irrelevant results from clogging up.
  • Search on community Question & Answer sites like Quora, Reddit – Often you may find other students, academics etc. having discussed textbook style concepts/questions similar to what you’re stuck on.
  • Look through individual experts’ sites, educational blogs in your subject area – Subject matter experts, tuition teachers and academics sometimes blog or share solutions freely to help students.
  • Use advanced search engines like WolframAlpha for solving quantitative questions – Wolfram can solve complex math, physics, chemistry, statistics problems in seconds in step-by-step manner for free.

The key is to craft targeted, well-formed search queries across credible educational sites and sources. With some searching persistence and ingenuity, you can dig up Chegg-grade textbook solutions without requiring paid access.

Exploring Handy Chegg Alternatives

While Chegg is quite popular, there are a range of platforms providing similar textbook solutions and online study help for more flexible access:

Course Hero

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QuizPlus focuses on unlocking textbook MCQ solutions. It matches Chegg’s Q&A scope covering tonnes of book title solutions. Subscription plans are roughly affordable in the $20-$30 range yearly. Nifty features also include building your own custom quizzes based on the unlocked practice questions.


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While not a full-fledged Q&A platform, Bookfinder greatly aids students by letting them discover and purchase or rent hardcopy/ebook versions of titles supported on Chegg & Course Hero. This further opens up free previews allowing limited content access without paid subscriptions.

These platforms expand academics beyond plain textbook lookups, into more interactive learning via tests, tutors or curated content around textbook subjects. Based on your preferred study style, matching Chegg options exist so do explore before picking blindly!

Getting Chegg Solutions from Assignment Help Services

A less known option students have for unlocking Chegg content is using assignment help services. These academic assistance platforms have experts handy to provide paid solving services for external study resources, including Chegg textbook solutions.

Here’s a quick overview of how you can leverage these services:

  • You simply share the links to any Chegg textbook pages you need answers from.
  • Their teams first legally purchase short-term access to those Chegg pages.
  • Subject matter experts then extract out the full solutions from Chegg and compile them in readable documents for you.
  • Finally, they email over the perfectly formatted Chegg answers extracted and unlocked via their accounts.

So without needing your own Chegg account, you can conveniently outsource the legwork of fetching answers from it to these assignment helper platforms. Their mid-level pricing is affordable enough for most too. Prices range from $2-$4 per Chegg link unlocked based on urgency, word count etc.

This method brings key advantages like:

  • No need for personal Chegg subscriptions – Just pay per use to unlock
  • Formatted, readable solutions delivered directly to your inbox
  • Faster turnarounds within hours for urgent question solving needs

Using such academic help services as and when you hit question roadblocks in self-study is an efficient approach. It beats getting stuck indefinitely or paying for an unused long term Chegg account.

A few searches should help discover the top-rated expert platforms for outsourced Chegg and textbook solutions extraction.

Getting Chegg Free Trials via Student Coupons

Students can save some money accessing Chegg by using promotional student coupons that offer extended free trials. Instead of just 4 weeks, some special student deals provide free Chegg subscriptions for 6 weeks or even longer trial periods like 90 days.

You can find such student coupon codes on educational deal sites or directly on Chegg’s social media pages/student communities. Activating them is very simple – just sign up for a new Chegg account, provide your .edu college email for verification and enter the promo code in the payment page. The additional free weeks should automatically reflect during checkout.

The benefit here is that the longer your free access duration, the more textbook solutions you can unlock on Chegg for assignments, practice and studying. Do make sure to set a calendar reminder to cancel the auto-renewing subscription well before the dale though, unless you decide Chegg’s paid version is worth investing in post-trial.

Chegg Free Shipping Offers

One final way students looking to save on Chegg can do so is by redeeming its free shipping coupons. For purchasing physical products like textbooks, Chegg charges standard shipping fees during online checkout.

However, they periodically offer students special promo codes that waive off the entire shipping costs on orders above a lower minimum cart value. You can find such Chegg textbook or merchandise free shipping codes online to reduce overall purchase costs.

Getting Chegg Answers from People Sharing Online

With Chegg study materials being expensive for individuals to purchase on their own, many students turn to their peer circles online to access them. 

There are scores of online forums and communities where people share academic resources collaboratively or in exchange for small fees. Tapping into these can help source Chegg textbook solutions for free or at significant discount.

Places to Look

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Some major online channels to find Chegg answer sharing offers include:

  • Reddit – Popular subreddits like r/Chegg_Solutions, r/HomeworkHelp have members request or share resources mutually. Also see r/paidHomework, r/Homework_Marketplace for paid services.
  • Discord Groups, Slack Communities – Many student collaboration groups operate on such chat tools. Post any study content access needs and someone may share for credits.
  • Quora Space, Yahoo Answers – Q&A style platforms have sections where students post specific homework doubts for crowd guidance.
  • Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups – Focused groups around helping in textbook style studies or solving academic questions abound on social media sites.

The mutual aid practices ensure prices stay low at mostly under a dollar per Chegg link shared. For one-off homework doubts, these make more sense than full-blown subscriptions.


Do evaluate certain risks before transacting solutions access via informal groups:

Verify credibility of the source before payments. Check member reputation and avoid shady posters.

While groups often prohibit redistribution post access, your solutions may leak out from unscrupulous players.

Getting involved in illegally distributed pirated content also has repercussions so tread carefully.

Overall if tapped judiciously, crowdsourced Chegg answers can supplement personal learning affordably. But greater due diligence is a must compared to managed services.

Unlock Chegg Answers free using

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Here is a quick 4-step explanation of how to use for accessing Chegg:

  1. Step 1️ – Search Question on Google

First search for your specific textbook question on Google directly and open the Chegg link for it in your browser.

  1. Step 2️ – Copy Chegg Question Link

Once you have the relevant Chegg Q&A solution page open, copy its URL from the address bar. This is the link you’ll submit to Homeworkify.

  1. Step 3️ – Paste Link on Homeworkify

Next, on the website, paste the copied Chegg question link into the submission form box. Enter your email and hit Unlock.

  1. Step 4️ – Get Chegg Answers!

Within a few seconds, Homeworkify processes the link to instantly unlock and send you the complete Chegg question solution needed right to your inbox!

The turnaround is blazing fast and requires just a few clicks without any payment gateway hassles to access Chegg answers on demand. This sheer ease of use makes Homeworkify a hit with students for instant study doub clearance.

Get Our Help!

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Textx has made a name for itself providing students seeking Chegg solutions a budget-friendly alternative. It strips out the need for you to maintain personal Chegg accounts by taking requests to extract any answers you need from Chegg’s huge database.

You simply pass your desired Chegg links to us via our email We’ll process legal logins to those pages, neatly compile solutions from them into printable Word/PDF files, and deliver them to your registered email.

Within an average turnaround time of 0-6 hours for normal requests, you can thus view full solutions from Chegg conveniently without subscriptions. At just $1 per link unlocked, the affordability is a major attraction too.

For urgent last-minute requests, Textx also offers a faster Priority unlocking option at slightly higher yet economical rates. Coupled with round-the-clock customer support, it makes accessing Chegg answers a total breeze for students on budget.