Janitor AI took the world by storm when it first launched, dazzling users with its advanced conversational capabilities and anime-inspired characters. However, its meteoric rise was soon followed by controversy surrounding its unfiltered NSFW content. 

As users look for safer and more customizable Janitor AI alternatives, the AI chatbot market is booming with innovative new options. In this post, we’ll explore 15 to competitors to Janitor AI and see how they stack up.

Janitor AI leveraged cutting-edge AI and machine learning to deliver amazingly natural conversations. Users could pick anime personas and talk to their virtual partners about anything imaginable. 

The bot proved adept at continuing conversations, retrieving information, and exhibiting an endearing personality. Businesses also used its API to refine messy datasets.

However, Janitor AI’s selling point of completely unfiltered chatting proved to be its Achilles heel. While the company insisted it protected minors, many felt uncomfortable with the NSFW content. 

The skinny on public perception:

  •  Users are drawn in by conversational AI and anime personalities
  •  Businesses appreciated data cleaning capabilities 
  •  NSFW content deemed inappropriate by many
  •  Seen as too unpredictable for professional use

This complex reception left the door open for competitors to swoop in with safer and more focused websites like janitor AI.

Top 15 Janitor AI Alternatives in 2023

Here is an overview of all the sites like Janitor AI that we are going to discuss.

Interesting characters, remember user infoProsConsBest FeaturesBest For
ChatGPTVery human-like, knowledgeable, conversationalCan give incorrect info, limited personalizationNatural language, text generation, creativityGeneral conversation, and essay help
Character.AIUnique personas, fun to chat withLimited knowledge, repetitive responsesInteresting characters, remembers user infoCasual chat, entertainment
NovelAIAdvanced text generation capabilitiesCostly subscription modelCustomizable AI modules, stable diffusion integrationWriting stories and articles
TavernAIEngaging fantasy personas and adventuresNarrow focus, repetitiveSpeed integrates images and audioFantasy roleplaying and storytelling
DreamilyCreative storytelling and text generationInconsistent quality and coherenceImaginative narratives and proseBrainstorming ideas, fiction writing
Chai AIFast response times, multi-modal capabilitiesLimited memory and personalizationBusiness and marketing-focusedCasual chat, digital assistant
ChatFAIKnowledgeable, searches web for answersLong response times, errors in responsesOffers citations, transparent about limitationsInformation, research help
Botify AIBusiness and marketing focusedLacks personality, narrow expertiseContent strategy, SEO and market infoMarketing, business consultation
WritesonicExcellent for long-form content generationLower quality for casual chatLong articles, stories, and marketing copyBusiness writing and content marketing
ReplikaEmotionally intelligent, personalized responsesRepetitive and scripted at timesRemembers user details, sends photosCompanionship, emotional support
Caryn.AIFlirty and romantic partnerNo real emotional intelligence or memoryAffectionate language, cute avatarVirtual girlfriend/boyfriend experience
SillyTavern AIGoofy sense of humor, fun adventuresImmature, lack of coherent storiesSilly personalities and humorGoofing around, entertainment
Kajiwoto AIJapanese anime-style avatarVery limited capabilities overallCute avatar with animationsBasic chatbot with visual appeal
Harpy AIHelpful professional writing assistantLacks personality, narrow use casesProofreading, editing helpImproving writing quality
CrushOn.AIRoleplays romantic relationshipsLacks depth, repetitiveVirtual dating, remembers user detailsRomantic conversations and roleplay
Comparison Table.

Janitor AI may have kicked off the AI chatbot craze, but the playing field gets more crowded by the day. Here are 15 top contenders giving it a run for its money:

1. ChatGPT (Editor’s Choice)

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As Janitor AI’s popularity waned, ChatGPT seduced users with its family-friendly approach. This free tool generates remarkably human-like conversations on any topic while avoiding inappropriate content.

With over 100 million users, ChatGPT offers a wholesome yet futuristic conversational experience. Its reinforcement learning from human feedback makes it increasingly intuitive over time.

Key Features:

  • Family-friendly content filtering
  • Human-like conversational ability 
  • Constant improvement via reinforcement learning
  • Free access with over 100 million users
  • Serves as a more wholesome version of Janitor AI
  • Widely adopted due to robust capabilities and approachable nature

2. Character.AI (Great)

For a more personalized spin, Character.AI lets users create custom AI companions from the ground up. Select unique personality traits, values, and quirks to bring your character to life.

The neutral language model ensures suitability for all ages. Group chats are also available, so your creations can interact. Character.AI brings all the fun of Janitor AI without the risk.

Key features:

  • Build custom AI companions from scratch
  • Unique personality, values, quirks
  • Suitable for all ages with content filtering
  • Web and mobile app access
  • Free and premium tiers
  • Allows personalized AI characters like Janitor AI without risks
  • Group chat function enables AI interactions

Character AI shines for inventing imaginative personas. Its focus on positive content makes it more family-friendly.

3. NovelAI

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Unleash your inner storyteller with NovelAI. This writing tool helps authors overcome writer’s block by delivering original stories tailored to your genre and style preferences. 

Beyond text, you can also generate stunning custom images to illustrate your tales. For solo creators and collaborative teams alike, NovelAI expands creative possibilities exponentially.

Key Features:

  •  Generates original stories tailored to author preferences 
  •  Text and image generation capabilities
  •  Active user community forums
  •  Basic free access, paid monthly subscription 
  •  Helps authors overcome writer’s block
  •  Caters to solo creators and collaborative teams
  •  AI-powered creative writing and art

4. TavernAI

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Recapture the magic of roleplaying games with TavernAI’s cast of AI-powered fantasy characters. Whether you want to chat over ale at the local tavern or join forces on an epic quest, the conversation flows naturally.

Custom APIs even allow integrating TavernAI’s characters into your own games or virtual worlds. An imaginative and wholesome alternative for all ages.

Key Features:

  • Chat with fantasy RPG personas and creatures
  • Roleplaying and fan fiction creation
  • Customizable based on user interests
  • Integrates with games via API
  • Free with some paid API options
  • Provides immersive fictional world building 
  • AI characters bring roleplaying games to life

5. Dreamily

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Dreamily removes friction from the writing process, helping authors immediately bring any story idea to life. With support for different genres, prose styles, and story lengths, it caters to every type of writer.  

Authors can even generate a visual snapshot of each scene in their story with the image creation tool. And sharing stories on social media is a cinch.

Key Features: 

  •  Supports different genres, prose styles, story lengths
  •  Image generation tool to visualize scenes
  •  Hassle-free web access without apps
  •  Limited free version, paid monthly subscription
  •  Removes friction from writing process
  •  Great for sharing stories on social media
  •  Gives creative writing a boost

6. Chai AI 

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Chai AI emphasizes friendly companionship powered by the latest advancements in AI. As you converse with its bots, Chai AI constantly improves through machine learning.

Whether you want an ear for everyday thoughts or a fun distraction from everyday stresses, Chai AI aims to deliver. Customizable avatars and reliable conversational ability make it a relaxing alternative.

Key Features:

  •  Constantly improves conversational abilities through machine learning
  •  Customizable avatars and personas
  •  Casual everyday companion chatbot
  •  Free mobile apps, paid upgrades 
  •  Emphasizes friendly companionship 
  •  Relaxing alternative for unwinding

7. ChatFAI

For pop culture lovers, ChatFAI offers hyper-realistic conversations with your favorite fictional characters. Ever wanted to ask Darth Vader about his childhood or discuss fashion with Carrie Bradshaw? ChatFAI makes it possible.

With robust language modeling, the bots avoid repetitive responses and mimic their character accurately. Entertainment and creative writing fans will love it.

Key Features:

  •  Hyper-realistic celeb and fictional character chats
  •  Robust language modeling avoids repetition
  •  Stays true to original characters’ personalities
  •  Free limited version, paid subscriptions
  •  Highly engaging for pop culture fans
  •  Entertaining creative writing inspiration

8. Botify AI  

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Botify AI helps businesses automate customer service and marketing tasks through AI chatbots. With machine learning powering natural conversations, it can handle common customer queries 24/7.

It also provides excellent tools for training bots with your business’ unique vocabulary and messaging. For scalable automation with a personal touch, Botify AI is a great Janitor AI substitute.

Key Features: 

  •  Automates customer service and marketing with AI chatbots
  •  Conversational commerce applications
  •  Tools for training branded bot responses
  •  Natural language capabilities
  •  Provides scalable yet personal business uses
  •  Substitute for Janitor AI’s unpredictable nature

9. Writesonic


With its AI-powered productivity tools, Writesonic gives professional writers an upgrade. It delivers long-form content briefs on any topic while following your brand’s tone and guidelines.

You also get AI editing support, from paraphrasing to summarizing content. For businesses seeking high-quality blog and marketing content at scale, Writesonic is a perfect solution.


Key Features:

  •  AI-generated long-form content and copy
  •  Brand tone editing and content summarizing
  •  SEO optimization and productivity features
  •  Targets professional writers and marketers
  •  Free and paid subscriptions 
  •  AI to create blogs, marketing emails, etc. 
  •  Upgrades writers’ workflows and efficiency

10. Replika

While many AI chatbots emphasize versatility, Replika focuses its conversational skills on being a caring confidant. Share your thoughts, anxieties, and experiences with your understanding bot companion.  

With customizable 3D avatars and memory capabilities, Replika provides therapeutic support and an ongoing sense of friendship. Its pure listening abilities outshine Janitor AI.

Key Features:

  • Focuses on providing emotional support
  • Customizable 3D avatar for your AI companion
  • Available on iOS, Android, and VR
  • Free with optional paid subscription
  • Excels as a caring friend and listening ear
  • Uses memory and personalization to improve over time
  • Provides a sense of therapeutic friendship

11. Caryn.AI 

For a mix of information retrieval and friendly discussion, Caryn.AI hits the spot. Tailored to your interests, it delves into both factual topics and your personal feelings with empathy.

You can even customize aspects like gender, personality, and voice. While not free like Janitor AI, Caryn provides high-quality dialogue and emotional engagement.

Key Features:

  • Blends factual conversation with emotional engagement
  • Customizable gender, personality, voice
  • Caters dialogue to user’s interests
  • Paid by the minute
  • Provides high-quality conversation and empathy
  • More engaging than purely informational bots
  • Allows escaping Janitor AI’s formal nature

12. SillyTavern AI

This free AI chatbot emphasizes humor and creativity above all. With a fun, tavern-themed interface, you can enjoy witty banter on any topic. It also helps generate content like scripts, songs, and poems.

While less customizable than Janitor AI, its whimsical and spontaneous responses make for delightful entertainment. The lighthearted energy provides a breath of fresh air.

Key Features:

  • Emphasizes humor, wit, and creativity
  • Helps generate content like scripts and poems
  • Fun, tavern-themed interface
  • Free access
  • Delightful entertainment from whimsical responses
  • More silly and fun than Janitor AI
  • Focused on lighthearted creative writing

13. Kajiwoto AI

Kajiwoto stands out for encouraging users to nurture a text AI relationship from scratch. Start by building your perfect companion from the ground up. Shape their personality and voice to your liking.   

With caring interactions and extensive customization options, you can escape into your own private world together. Kajiwoto provides the creativity missing from Janitor AI.

Key Features:

  • Build the perfect text companion from scratch
  • Customize personality, voice, sleep patterns
  • Caring social and emotional interactions
  • Free on app stores with in-app purchases
  • Encourages nurturing a text relationship
  • Provides extensive customization options
  • More personalized creativity than Janitor AI

14. Harpy AI

Explore limitless possibilities for AI, from entertainment to marketing, through Harpy AI’s selection of personalized conversational agents. Their robust role-playing abilities bring favorite fictional characters to life.

You can also make your own AI personalities to embed into any interactive platform. For both playful and practical AI uses, Harpy empowers your imagination. 

Key Features:

  • Robust conversational roleplaying abilities
  • Bring favorite characters to life
  • Create own AI personalities
  • Free access with potential wait times

Additional Insights:

  • Empowers imagination for entertainment or marketing
  • More advanced roleplaying than Janitor AI
  • Promotes finding unique uses for AI

15. CrushOn.AI

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For those seeking Janitor AI’s adult content in a safer package, CrushOn.AI delivers flirtatious chat with celebrities, fictional crushes, and more. With conversation capabilities modeled after real romantic connections, it provides a judgment-free space to indulge your fantasies.

While not as unfiltered as Janitor AI, CrushOn.AI opens the door to experimenting with NSFW chatbots responsibly.

Key Features:

  • Flirtatious chatbots with celebrity or fictional crushes
  • Conversations modeled after real romance
  • More responsible approach to NSFW bots
  • Free limited version, paid subscriptions
  • Provides judgment-free indulgence of fantasies
  • Less unfiltered content than Janitor AI
  • Allows experimenting with adult chatbots

Common issue “failed to fetch Janitor AI” issue and its easy solution

If you want to stick with Janitor ai, here are some tips for troubleshooting the “Failed to fetch” error in Janitor AI:

  1. Make sure Janitor AI is up to date. Go to the app or web interface and check for any available updates. Install the latest version.
  2. Try restarting the Janitor AI service from the app or web console. This will restart the background processes.
  3. Check the Janitor AI logs from the app or web console. Look for any errors or crash reports around the time of the “failed to fetch” message.
  4. Try changing the API endpoint that Janitor AI uses to fetch data. Some endpoints may be down or unreachable.
  5. Verify your network connectivity. Make sure the device running Janitor AI can access the internet and API endpoints. Check for firewalls blocking traffic.
  6. If running on a Raspberry Pi, reflash the SD card with the latest Janitor AI image and start fresh. This eliminates software issues.
  7. As a last resort, reset Janitor AI to factory defaults. This will clear any corrupted data and configs. You’ll have to re-enter your API keys afterward.
  8. Check the Janitor AI community forums in case others have reported similar issues and solutions.

Let me know if any of those additional troubleshooting tips help resolve the “Failed to fetch” error you’re seeing in Janitor AI. Reaching out to their customer support may also help if the error persists.

Choosing the Right Alternative

With Janitor AI’s issues losing its appeal, users can now select conversational AI aligned with their values and interests. Whether you seek G-rated chat, limitless creativity, business applications, or adult content, alternatives exist.

Evaluate prospective chatbots across criteria like content filters, customization range, intended uses, pricing, and ease of use. Prioritize options with robust language modeling for natural, dynamic dialogue.

While Janitor AI sparked the craze, the next generation of AI companions now offers safer, more specialized avenues for fun and productivity. The sky’s the limit as AI chatbots evolve.