Students have countless online tools and resources available to help them with their studies. One such tool is Homeworkify – an AI-powered mobile app launched in 2019 that aims to simplify homework completion for students of all ages. 

With features like an AI-powered homework solver, essay writing assistance, and study planning tools, Homeworkify has become a go-to homework helper app.

However, Homeworkify is not the only homework aid app out there. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the top 10 Homeworkify alternatives – online platforms and apps that offer similar functionalities to support students in their academic journey.

Whether you need step-by-step homework solutions, tutoring services, flashcards or practice tests, read this blog from TextX to discover similar sites like Homeworkify currently available.

Overviews of Key Homeworkify Features

Before jumping into Homeworkify alternatives, let’s briefly recap some of Homeworkify’s core offerings:

  • Homework Solver: Provides guided explanations and solutions for math, science, history and more subjects. Leverages AI capabilities for step-by-step working.
  • Interactive Learning Modules: Engaging supplemental study materials across academic disciplines. Adaptive to user needs.
  • Essay Writing Assistant: Helps students plan, write, review and submit quality essays and assignments.
  • Exam Preparation Tools: Practice tests, sample papers and other resources focused on test readiness.
  • Study Planner and Tracker: Enables students to set goals, plan tasks, manage time and track progress.
  • Premium Tier: 1-on-1 human or AI tutor sessions available as paid upgrade for personalized guidance.

With its comprehensive academic support features, Homeworkify has become a popular tool among students. However, many alternatives exist offering similar homework and study aids.

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Top 10 Homeworkify Alternatives

SiteKey FeaturesPricingLink
Homework HeroAssignment tracking dashboard, Step-by-step solutions, Video lessons, Practice tests, Collaborative toolsBasic ($1/month), Premium ($5/month)Homework Hero
DoubtClear AIInstant homework answers, Writing guides, Practice questions, Explanatory videos, Broad subject coverageFree limited version, Paid full accessDoubtClear AI
QuestionAIPhoto homework queries, Worked solutions, Personalized recommendations, Productivity tools, Supplemental lecturesFree limited, Payment for unlimitedQuestionAI
StudyBuddyVast practice question bank, Personalized tutoring, Learning efficiency tools, Multi-subject coverageFree and paid plansStudyBuddy
CourseHeroStudy guides, Textbook solutions, Research repository, Q&A communityFree limited access, Premium full accessCourseHero
Khan AcademyInteractive video lessons, Personalized learning, Self-paced use, Broad subject coverageCompletely free accessKhan Academy
CheggChallenging solutions, Textbook rental/sales, Expert Q&A, Test prep resourcesVaried subscription plans, Textbook rental from $30Chegg
BrainlyPeer learning via Q&A, Moderated discussions, Rewards system, 1B+ questions databaseFree version available, Payment for full useBrainly
QuizletCustomizable digital flashcards, Term definitions, Study games, Premade flashcard setsFree but payment unlocks all featuresQuizlet
WolframAlphaExpert answers for complex questions, Step-by-step workings, Visual representations, Broad subject coverageFree limited use, Payment for full accessWolframAlp

The table covers a high-level snapshot of the offerings, pricing models and core capabilities of sites providing similar homework help and supplemental academic support functionalities as Homeworkify. 

You can use this for a quick comparison to determine which platform(s) to select based on subjects, budget and specific academic needs.

  1. Homework Hero

An ideal alternative for students looking to organize and track assignments efficiently. Key highlights:

  • Dashboard to track homework and deadlines
  • Step-by-step explanations for problems
  • Mini video lessons covering concepts
  • Practice tests for self-evaluation
  • Tools for group study collaboration

Pricing: Basic ($1/month) and Premium ($5/month with added features)

  1. DoubtClear AI

Leverages AI capabilities for instant homework answers and explanations across subjects.

  • Quick homework problem diagnosis
  • Writing technique guides for essays
  • Numerous practice questions
  • Explanatory videos and animations
  • Covers math, science, coding, humanities

Pricing: Free limited version. Paid for full access.

  1. QuestionAI

Enables students to snap a photo of the question and receive guided assistance.

  • Photo homework queries
  • Worked solutions with steps
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Focus and productivity tools
  • Supplemental topic lectures

Pricing: Free version has limited questions. Payment for unlimited use.

  1. StudyBuddy

An online academic platform renowned for comprehensive study resources and tutoring support.

  • Vast database of practice questions
  • Personalized tutoring and expert guidance
  • Tools aimed at improving learning efficiency
  • Covers multiple subjects

Pricing: Free and premium plans available

  1. CourseHero

An online learning platform with extensive study resources contributed by educators and students.

  • Large library of study guides, text solutions
  • Access to research papers and scholarly articles
  • Interactive Q&A community to facilitate discussions
  • Materials covering diverse subjects

Pricing: Free access to limited resources. Premium subscription unlocks full library.

  1. Khan Academy

A leading online education portal providing free, high quality learning resources.

  • Interactive lessons and practice exercises
  • Personalized learning pathways based on capability
  • Users can learn at their own pace
  • Covers subjects like math, science, humanities
  • Useful for students, teachers and lifelong learners

Pricing: Completely free to access with optional donations

  1. Chegg

A dedicated online learning platform catering to academic needs through homework help, textbook rentals and more.

  • Solutions for challenging assignments
  • Textbook rental and sales at discount
  • Expert Q&A for instant help
  • Test prep and admission resources
  • Tools for conceptual clarity

Pricing: Varies for subscriptions. Textbook rental prices start around $30.

  1. Brainly

An education portal with focus on collaborative learning via discussions and Q&A community.

  • Users help each other with questions
  • Fosters peer-to-peer engagement
  • Dedicated moderators and subject matter experts
  • Reward points system for answers
  • Database of over 1 billion questions

Pricing: Free version available. Payment for unlimited use.

  1. Quizlet

A platform enabling users to create and share digital flashcards covering diverse study topics.

  • Create flashcard decks on any subject
  • Enhanced flashcards with images, audio
  • Diagram and term-definition cards
  • Study games to make revision engaging
  • Premade flashcard sets accessible

Pricing: Free access but subscription unlocks additional features

  1. WolframAlpha

A computational knowledge engine providing expert-level assistance with math, science and more.

  • Generates answers and explanations for complex queries
  • Offers step-by-step working for problems
  • Visual representations, graphs and charts
  • Covers mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology
  • Ideal for students to practitioners

Pricing: Free version with limited use. Payment required for full access.

While Homeworkify makes academic assistance easily accessible via mobile, these websites offer web-based, multi-platform support. 

Students can utilize these tools simultaneously to enable peer learning, foster discussions, strengthen concepts with flashcards, receive expert solutions, and ultimately accelerate their academic progress.


Homeworkify has certainly set the standard for AI-powered homework helpers. However, many alternatives exist like DoubtClear, StudyBuddy, CourseHero, Khan Academy and more – each with their own value propositions. 

Based on specific requirements around pricing, subjects covered or features like tutors/flashcards, students can select the platform(s) that best serves their academic interests.

The online tools showcased here make it evident that technology will continue augmenting student learning experiences. With education increasingly transitioning to hybrid/digital models, homework aids and web-based utilities will become more and more commonplace. 

Students stand to gain by leveraging these advanced yet accessible learning companions to maximize academic success.


How does Homeworkify’s homework solver work?

The Homework Solver feature of Homeworkify provides step-by-step solutions and explanations for a wide range of subjects, including math, science, history, and more. It helps students understand complex problems and find solutions with clear explanations.

What subjects does Homeworkify cover?

Homeworkify covers a wide range of subjects including math, physics, and other core academic disciplines. It provides detailed feedback and practice questions across this diverse range of subjects.

Is Homeworkify good for test prep?

Yes, Homeworkify offers preparation options for exams like IELTS, GRE, PTE, and TOEFL via practice questions and instant feedback. As an AI-powered tool, it assists students to excel in key language proficiency tests.

Is Homeworkify free to use?

The Homeworkify app offers free access to some features but subscribers can access premium capabilities. There are tiered subscription plans available to unlock greater functionalities.